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To feel it, to create it, to live it!



“ As an Architect , I principally believe that architecture must be a feeling within oneself.  One must have the ability to be able to create it adequately, but most importantly, it must be lived properly.


To listen, to understand, to reflect, and to be able to elaborate all characterize the method with which our creative practice must be approached.


The perception of space, respect of the context, and intercultural dialogue with history, are a few axioms that assemble the creative framework in order to achieve an architecture from which emotionality is freed to both the observer, but most importantly, to the end-user. 


Our project planning method is characterized by an attentive and articulated geometric composition, in which “problem solving,” together with the sequence of the “pencil” strokes, creates an artifact that is distinguished for itsimage and valued detail.”

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